Think CustomConsult

  • Creating a roadmap: 70-100% value growth in 3-5 years
  • Aligning your day-to-day execution with near- and long-term strategies
  • Delivering near-term change initiatives with 3-5x ROI

“It’s not rocket science.
Most of our execs believe
technology is the barrier,
but it’s our inefficient
processes and management
routines, regardless of org

– Fortune250 Head of Transformation

What we do for you


Name what ails you:
• Low utilization rates
• Long cycles times and low margins
• Silos with competing priorities
• Low-value tasks
• Excessive handoffs and manual processes
• Rework: if even identified
• Poor customer experience, …and on and on.

We have all experienced these. They are costly issues for any company as both bottom-line direct costs and opportunity costs.

If most companies could afford full-time expertise, they could nip these in the bud. Most can’t.

So, think CustomConsult.


Most initiatives – large or small – fail to achieve full ROI. It doesn’t matter the size of the organization.


Well, we – the collective we – don’t like change. Unfortunately, we don’t always appreciate how our people are impacted by daily demands and change.

Driving desired behavior is not as complex as one might think – even with the human factor. Engaging, communicating, reinforcing and managing performance to organic
targets can help smooth out the inevitable cycle of change.

So, think CustomConsult.


Let’s face it, most managers are not trained to be managers! Their primary focus is typically hitting financial targets and putting out the latest fire.

Managing change, meeting goals and optimizing a workforce, however, can be achieved. It’s not about being perfect, running every metric under the sun or measuring anything to the nth degree.

Establishing new metrics can be simple. Refining them to get them “right” and institutionalizing new, day-to-day management routines, takes time. It also takes a healthy, objective perspective.

So, think CustomConsult.