Corporate Value Metrics (CVM) is a dedicated resource for private business owners who shouldn’t have to go public in order to get the guidance they need to maximize business value. CVM is a dedicated resource, available so no matter what corporate transactions they decide to pursue, or when they decide to pursue them, they can do so from a position of maximum value and strength.

Since 2009, Expense Consulting has been helping clients reduce costs while improving vendor relationships. They are dedicated to providing businesses across various industries results-driven solutions and vendor negotiation services. Simply put, Expense Consulting helps you build superior vendor partnerships so your business can enjoy impressive discounts with unsurpassed service.

DiPrato Consulting, LLC, in collaboration with SeeThru Inc., helps build value in startups and small businesses. Their expertise is in strategy, marketing, finance, project management and market-driven product development. They specialize in delivering business startup kits, fractional work assignments, scaling functionality and exit preparation.