“I didn’t think our culture could handle it, but we did. We embraced it and can turn this ship farther and faster than I thought possible.”

– President of small business
lending institution

Enterprise Value Assessment

Value Opportunity Profile® (VOP)
Incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data, Corporate Value Metric (CVM)’s web-based VOP tool enables a CustomConsult Certified Value Growth Advisor to:

  • Identify, prioritize, and address company-specific risks that are depressing value and obstructing long term sustainable growth.
  • Effectively and efficiently roadmap value improvement initiatives for sustainable growth and transaction/financing outcome.
  • Help increase company values by 80% – 100%, independent of revenue and earnings growth, over a 2 – 5 year period.

Operational Assessment
Scaled to meet smaller companies’ operations and appetites, this assessment leverages cross-organizational interviews and select data reviews to identify and assess opportunities. The goal: produce a directional roadmap to reduce operational risks and improve intrinsic value by 80-100%.

The assessment addresses the following:

  • Enterprise-level SWOT
  • Strategic planning
  • Management tools, routines and effectiveness
  • Past initiatives
  • Employee satisfaction and readiness for change

Strategic Planning

Comprised primarily of CVM’s 10-12 structured sessions with your entire executive management team, this program will deliver a foundation for growth and offer new possibilities for your
organization’s execution.

This program is executed by and with your organization, ensuring maximum engagement and sustainability.

Process Assessment

From a summary-level process flow and directional assessment to a detailed value stream map with controls gap assessments, CustomConsult can match your business’s needs. Remediate, mitigate or eliminate inefficiencies and lost opportunity costs to achieve an annual, recurring 3-5x ROI (ex. 10-50% capacity capture) within 6-18 months.

Elements can include:

  • High-level Process Flow
  • Sample End-to-end Interviews
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Detailed Value Stream Map
  • Controls/Measures Gap Assessment
  • Baseline Capacity Assessment
  • Opportunity Work Streams
  • Implementation Options and Roadmap

Change Implementation

Sustainable change must be implemented and exercised in large part by those who will own and use the new processes and systems. CustomConsult can adjust the level of guidance and hands-on involvement to meet your needs while increasing typical initiative value by 100% or more.

Implementation can include:

  • Goal (Mission Statement)
  • Success Factors
  • Defined Advisory Oversight Team and Schedule
  • Resource Requirements and Milestones
  • Detailed Project Plan and Task Ownership
  • Sub-stream Work Plans
  • Communication Plan
  • Re-engineering Pilot
  • Issue Escalation, Remediation & Review Plans
  • User Acceptance and Feedback
  • Measures Definition and Reporting
  • System/Process Ownership Handoffs
  • Sustainable Ownership and Management Plan
  • Management System Coaching

Ongoing Advisory

CustomConsult employs a monthly retainer structure for ongoing advisory. We will work with you to tailor the depth and frequency of monthly activity per your needs. Elements vary by frequency and
depth but can include:

  • Scheduled Update Call
  • Onsite Visits
  • Goal/Target Reviews
  • Services Assessments
  • Email Communications & Support
  • Referral Services
  • 24/7 Accessibility